Our School

Welcome to Stephenville Primary School. We are proud of our school and the many programs and opportunities we offer to our students.  We have an exceptional group of students, a very supportive group of parents/guardians, and a very caring, dedicated, and professional staff. Our motto is, “Working Together, Building A Team.” Our team strives to provide the best school environment possible.

Our school, Stephenville Primary, is part of the NL English School District.  The school has an enrolment of 269 students and offers programming in Kindergarten to Grade 3 - English and French Immersion.  The school serves families from Stephenville, Kippens, Cold Brook, and Noel’s Pond.

Improving student achievement through the use of effective teaching and assessment strategies in an inclusive environment is a major goal of our school. This includes a focus on literacy and numeracy in an effort to further develop reading, writing, and math skills among our students.

Creating a safe and caring learning environment is another of our important goals at Stephenville Primary School.  As a school team, we continuously evaluate the inclusive practices which exist in our school and we are always exploring ways that our school can develop even further in this area. 

Our third goal, creating a climate and culture of open communication and collaboration where leadership opportunities are available for all stake holders is another important goal for Stephenville Primary.

Community Partners

KIDS Eat Smart Program


Western Health Coalition

DFO – Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Nomad Stages